Stone Sour concert aka plz bring me a clean pair of panties!

Big thanks for my new header pic and some extra pro pictures –  Rauno Vahtre – Photography

Pics by him are nicely marked and I’m grateful as fu**! Almost grateful enough to forgive Corey for littering. Almost…

The Merch!

So first things first. This dude Corey Taylor comes to our country and is rude as fu**.  He comes and starts littering. How RUDE IS THAT? He just stands far away from us so I can’t even go up there and tell him to clean up his shi*! He just kept throwing his bottles in the crowd. You don’t bloody do that. COREY! You come BACK and clean up YOUR bloody mess! I even have proof!

00.17 SEE, he drinks! And then he just throws it away all willy-nilly. R-U-D-E!

Ok so now that the most important thing is done – let’s start from the beginning. VIP!

Meet and Greet VIP package photos that I got taken with the band.

Huge thanks to Anna from Ilusalong Beautiq – thanks to the eyelashes I rocked my pics with absolute zero makeup!

I had a t-shirt made by ole.ise that was inspired by “Mercy” video. Corey wears one with the same text there. Though he might appreciate the humor. At first there were only a few of us there – because why? We were way too fu**ing early! I had not slept at all and way too excited to wait it out. The VIP package included:

  •  Standing ticket to see Stone Sour Live
  • Pre show photo opportunity with Stone Sour
  • Early entry to the venue floor before standard ticket holders
  • Autographed limited edition Stone Sour poster
  • Exclusive Stone Sour guitar pick set with custom tin
  • Souvenir Stone Sour Tour Laminate and Lanyard
  • On site VIP host


Ofcourse later I bought myself an epic shirt and a keychain too. Bloody gorgeous merch! Good quality and perfect fit. With the picks I have a plan. Making a necklace for me and my… well… my special someone. And the other ones will be “myyy precccciouuuussssshhhh”!

So we got the loot, the tickets and then we waited… and waited…

At some point I thought :” Hey, I work out, I lift… I could TOTALLY take this dude!” But then I figured that that the other security people that are right behind me would be a bit of a challenge.  And then we waited a bit more!

And finally it was time to meet the band! They were already set up to take some epic pics with an awesome background. The only sad part was, I saw that it is actually a short greet really. But now I have a new dream – to meet and chill in the future! Anyway – it was my turn! I was nexxxt! I had planned so many cool sentences and to ask for a hug etc. When the guitarist shook my hand and introduced himself and said that it is his birthday – I even forgot my name… I think and hope I wished him happy birthday but I remember me saying ” Yeah, i know!” 😀

Birthday boy Christian Martucci

And then It was my turn to shake hands with Corey – the PERFECT man! ” Hi” – yeah… That’s all I said… 😀 and… I did a curtsy to him. He got really confused… How the f did I curtsy to COREY? Then someone in the band told me he likes my SpongeBob tattoo ( made by Konstantin). I replied all awesomely :” Thanks, did You know he lives in a pineapple?” Smooth as FU**! 😀 I got a laugh and ” Yeah, under the sea…” I did not see/remember who I even talked to… 😀 Then I just asked Corey where shall I stand. He said ” Right next to me.” I died. I died. I DIIIIED! I have no idea how the pics turned out, they made all awesome poses and I just stood there thinking ” I will not throw up, I will not pee myself and it will all be a win…corey fuc… stone fu…. oooohhh fuuuuuuuuc….” Then the pics were taken and I told Corey :” By the way You met my friend yesterday at a music store, You bought some stuff there.” Corey :” Oooh yeahh!” Me :” I hate him now for that!” He laughed 😀 and said something and I don’t even remember what! Also left a stone as a present for Stone Sour. By the way, anyone with VIP for the future knowledge – You can enter even with drinks and presents.

Later before the show You just get kicked out and lose those privileges.  And then I said bye I think… Anyway I put my clothes back on and left. 😀 Just the jacket etc, removed those for the pic.

Anyway, then we got removed from the premises to wait for the concert to start. By the way – Nothing More rocks! They gave a really good show! But this is a Stone Sour post!

The singer was hot as fu** too! But thankfully my date was hotter. 😀 😉 Yeah I’m totally getting laid thanks to what I just wrote. Winning!

Anyway back to the reason this post exists! MOTHERFUC*ing STONE SOUR!

They came and we all died a little inside when they left. The show was about an hour but the time went so fast… As usual Corey made jokes and cursed. Cursing is okay but the littering thing… Come on man…

Who will clean this and the bottles? Anyway all in all he was awesome and talking to us and putting a personal touch to the whole show. Making us all feel special and fu**ing epic! I would have lost my mind but thankfully I have nothing to lose! 😀

Added all the clips I made on my youtube channel.  Putting here a few links from posts that actually have great photos from the event.



Epic picture by Rauno Vahtre, so now we have proof that the flying paper stuff was also the doing of Mr. Taylor! Bottles and PAPER! What’s next? Oh yeah, they threw away some drumsticks etc later too. Messy, messy boys!

There is not much to talk about the concert. It was as amazing as I imagined. Like all their live videos have shown me. I heard all the songs I wanted, I cried when he sang “Bother”, I almost fainted when “Song #3″ came on – thankfully I had support! 😀 I screamed until I lost my voice at some point. It’s all just a blur and went way too fast! Forgot to write why I’m so into Stone Sour. We’ll it’s not only that their music rocks. Stone Sour has gotten me through some really shi**y times. Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and a difficult marriage. And now why I love Corey – been into Slipknot for way longer than I want to say. ” Wait and Bleed” was my get yer ass up and go work out song when I started to work out when I was 93kg. And not to talk about all the other hard times in my life. Music is therapy and Slipknot + Stone Sour work wonders for me. I would not be here if it was not for them. And I’m actually not ashamed of my scars anymore – I am made of them. 😉 So it’s NOT just a crush on a hot guy. 😀

Thank You Stone Sour for the best day of my life! Yeah – it was better than my wedding day! Best divorce present ever! 

Now… come and clean up those motherfu**ing water bottles, You bad bad boy!

And again, great thanks for capturing the memories of the show:





















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